Legacy Giving

When Juliet arrived at the sanctuary she was just skin and bone, riddled with worms, and in a terrible state overall. Someone had even thrown bleach over her which left her badly burnt. This was one of the most horrific rescues we’ve had at Hopefield. We started intensive treatment, and slowly but surely, she got better and has now grown into the stunning horse you can visit today.

Juliet before and after

Every gift, small or large, will go directly towards the care of our 500 animals, and to saving even more animals that desperately need our help.

There are usually 3 options that you can choose when leaving a legacy;

• A fixed sum (e.g. £1 or above)

• Part, or all of your estate

• Gifted items e.g. property, jewellery, shares

If you have something specific in mind that you'd like your gift to be used towards, please let us know. This could be anything from an animal enclosure with a plaque in your name, an on-site veterinary unit, or even covering the costs of our vet and feed bills. Hopefield Animal Sanctuary will always, of course, honour your wishes.

You don’t have to inform us of your intentions to leave us a gift, but we would love to have the opportunity to thank you for your generosity.

We recommend that you seek professional, independent advice once you have decided that you would like to make a will. Here is some information that may help:

• State in your will that you would like to leave a gift to Hopefield Animal Sanctuary.

• Include our full name and charity number to ensure your gift goes to the right charity: Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, Registered Charity Number in England & Wales 1181186.

• If you already have a will and would like to make any change to it, you can do so by using a codicil form. Alternatively you can draft a “Letter of wishes”, but please make sure your Executors are made aware of it.

Our promises to you:

• We will always respect your privacy and will not put you under any pressure

• We will answer any questions that you have as quickly as possible

• We understand and respect that your circumstances may change

• We will use your special gift with care

For any questions please feel free to contact us on 01277 201110 or office@hopefield.org.uk